One Man, Many Voices -- David Smith, Author

Cocktails With Burty: A Prose-Etry Anthology

Cocktails with Burty


red-browned eyes delight

slight smiles upon the kindred heart

a chum so slight yet full of sprite

dear Burty, drinks, martini art


if bites could bark

love’s sweet trill

long walks in shadows ark

dear Burty, drinks, spirit fill


our Burty, hic, that naughty boy

his face to stop a child at play

imbibing love no cocktail ploy

dear Burty, drinks, death’s delay


what of whys and wherefore need

one or two will fray display

of hatred’s lusts, mortal greed

dear Burty, drinks, life’s delay


mad men scream, odes to love!


wish so true in ironed blue

teathered high amidst sad crew

two men astride pilgrim's pride

not wind or jest's sweetened tide?


to find soft lust midst hardened gait

not often walked as life's berate

of love too blind for mortal guest

why do we strut in simple quest?


of hand held simple thank-you glide

holding love's immortal chide

why is it soft and gentle light

so hard to love in tender night?


no answer stands midst blinding clouds

for men not bearing love's sweet shroud

for naught my heart tightens hard

we love another in deepened guard?


i cannot be eternal hope

for weakened stand in earthly grope

hard tribal weakened amorphous glide

we watch as heaven's eye's decried?


oh Lord my love i wish to hold

emblazened in our souls not bold

of love we live our hidden goal

for prison is our earthly shoal?


where waves of passion break green eyes

not clear so dulled dear Nellie Bly

she sat with frenzied dullard blot

with creatures locked in blooded plot?


for nothing did these children save

sitting, ranting, thoughtless grave

no love to give themselves decree

sweet Nellie Bly lived not to flee?


exposed in evil rampant waste

men held prison's intemporate taste

in hearts with love they could not speak

declared sweet Nellie, i must repeat?


mad men scream, odes to love!


Christmas and strawberry ripple


If ever I were to lay me down to sleep

It would not be where I lay now

With Jingle Bells in my ears

My hand holding my buddy’s guts.


Instead I’d put me somewhere else

Where strawberry ripple inflames my tongue

With sweet and old and jingly bells

Of a child not long ago.


So help me please

I’m on my face

With nowhere nice to go

And smell the tree

And see the lights


And love the love of Angel’s wings


High atop a prickly pine

Of stockings mantles icy ways

Where sleds defy my childhood play

On snowy peaks deep valleys long

That lead me back to puddings plumbed

The search and wait for Nicks sweet gifts

And love forgotten in tombs of pain

That jingle bell rocks in searing screams



i speak of friendship


i speak of friendship

you of love and anger

that truth denied

in simple fact

of presumptuous simple tides


what flows as ebb and such devout

christian’s circumscribed

where angels tread on flowery grave

as friend dies holding ebb’s soft wave


shall I take the truth from you

that friendship glide, unequal tide

for if I might decline this trust

what simple friend to us divide


shall we grow the grain of love?

as friend in sweet and soft abide

or shall they come to quicken us

against the hard and angry tide?



when did life stop kissing queens


when did life stop kissing queens,

monarch threads in passing preen,

to match the day in sunlight glow

yet hunger dealt, in misery’s blow?


attached to empty parting chance

a ruffled scowl, of pity prance

upon such steed in frightened chase

of wistful grace, sore empty face


while wind upon this rusty prism

let life within such dauntless prison

hold me stead grave useless chase

as breeze, flow through my oaken case



God, God, wherefore art thou oh God?


God, God, wherefore art thou oh God?

Surreptitious, plangent,

hate filled Honeysuckle Rose.

Hey God can you spare a dime?


Anger not repent yet,

fully aware of the persistent tide

of what? Of what that jumps up at your mind

during nights of timeless awake,

plunges peace into dismal fortitude.


You, you unable to question it further

yet unwilling to stable the horses of your inept suppositions.

God, God, wherefore art thou oh God?

Here I am. Hey buddy can you spare a dime?


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